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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs regarding your Physical Therapy appointment.


  1. FREE PARKING available, and accessed via Wheeler Avenue. 

  2. Access Bout2BeBetter through the rear door. There is a red awning above the door.


  1. During manual therapy, Dr. Johnson will need access to your shoulders, and knees. Wear clothing that allows access to your shoulders and knees such as a tank top, a sports bra, and shorts. 

  2. There is a changing room and shower available if you would like to bring a change of clothes.

  3. Lock boxes are available to store your personal items during your visit (ie: keys, wallet, phone), however Bout2BeBetter Physical Therapy Inc is NOT responsible for the theft / loss of personal items. 

Biometric Measurements

Bout2bebetter offers FREE biometric measurements to Physical Therapy clients, Gym members, and Personal Training clients. To access and record your measurements, please download the FREE slimpal app and create an account. 

What to Expect

  1. During your first visit, Dr. Johnson will walk you through the body diagram chart, to be completed BEFORE and AFTER every Physical Therapy visit. This will be used to determine how your symptoms respond to treatment.

  2. Each visit will last approximately 45-60 minutes, determined by Dr. Johnson’s clinical judgement. If you need to leave early, please notify Dr. Johnson at the beginning of the visit so she may amend your program. 

  3. Each visit will entail 4 pillars of Treatment:

    1. Manual Therapy

    2. Neuro Re-Education

    3. Direct Therapeutic Activity

    4. Therapeutic Exercise

  4. A guest is welcomed to accompany you to your visit, and wait in the waiting areas of the clinic. Please note the gym and gym equipment is reserved for patients and gym members that Dr. Johnson has evaluated before use. 

  5. Minors must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian during their Physical Therapy or gym visit unless otherwise agreed upon by Dr. Johnson, AND a waiver has been signed by the parent(s) or legal guardian. 

Gym Memberships and Policies

Gym Memberships are available to Physical Therapy clients that have been evaluated and cleared by Dr. Johnson. Gym Memberships provide access to the gym facility and equipment to be used at your discretion during normal business hours. If you wish to have 1:1 instruction and to be walked through a circuit during your gym time, please schedule a personal training session. Gym Members who wish to receive Physical Therapy sessions may book so through Patient Ally, as an add-on, self-pay service, typically not covered by insurance. 

Gym Etiquette  

  1. To ensure the gym is a clean, safe place to heal, please wipe down all surfaces and equipment after every use. 

  2. It is recommended to bring weight lifting gloves to protect your wrists during barbell lifts. 

  3. It is recommended to bring a towel and water for your session. Bottles of water are available for purchase. 

Membership Enrollment & Fees

  1. Gym memberships are NOT covered by insurance. Payment is billed monthly to the card on file.

  2. To pause a membership, simply cancel the membership 30 days before the requested pause, and re-initiate the membership at the monthly rate. There is no activation, or re-activation fee. 

  3. Requests to cancel ongoing gym membership must be done in writing, and include the member’s first and last name, date, and signature. 

    • The document must be attached to a message to Dr. Johnson using the Patient Ally Patient Portal messaging system. Upon receipt, membership will cease 30 days from receipt of cancellation request. There are NO exceptions.

Gym Sessions & Booking

  1. Gym use is available by appointment using the Patient Ally Appointment system. The last gym member appointment is 4:30 PM unless otherwise cleared by Dr. Johnson. 

  2. As a gym member, please be cognizant of Physical Therapy clients that may be sharing the gym area during your workout. Be mindful that Physical Therapy clients may not be as comfortable using the gym equipment, and may have balance or other mobility deficits. Please exercise caution to maintain a safe gym experience.

Personal Training

One on one Personal Training is available on a cash, self-pay basis for clients who have been evaluated and deemed appropriate by Dr. Johnson. Please note during Personal Training sessions, there may also be other Gym Members using the gym. Personal Training sessions are 1:1 with Dr. Johnson. Any No-show, or cancellation less than 24 hours by either a Physical Therapy or Personal Training client will result in a full visit fee without exception. 







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