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Amanda B

Dr. Jen is awesome and so willing to work with you and your schedule. She makes physical therapy fun and always helps increase my range of motion and gets me feeling better in my body.

Nicole G

awesome experience. Doctor Jennifer was able to help when nobody else could. she is truly wonderful. I haven't been this pain free in over a year!

Christine R

Dr. Jen is AMAZING. I've had knee pain for years and recently one of them had become very swollen and tight to the point where I struggled to bend down to pick things up. After just my first visit, the swelling and pain reduced to almost nothing. Now I'm continuing to work with her to correct the ongoing knee pain I've always had and have truly been blown away at the progress I've already been seeing. She's so encouraging and has a lightning curiosity to really figure out the root of where your pain is coming from. I truly can't recommend her enough!







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